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Complete foot-care in a professional Clinic environment


Orthotics provide relief for many types of back, leg, foot and heel pain including Plantar Fasciitis. They work by correcting misalignment in the foot/leg which can cause bad posture which in turn leads to discomfort. Accurately cast and prescribed Orthotics will correct misalignment and support the arches thereby removing the source of the problem.
Karen will initially carry out a detailed Biomechanical assessment to establish the root cause of the problem and the corrections needed to be incorporated in the Orthotics. She will then suggest a solution suited to both the patients needs and budget.Image103Top of the range are custom ‘cast’ Orthotics made specifically for the individual Patient from a detailed 3D image taken with the very latest technology. These long life prescription items provide the very best corrective treatment for the Patient. Available in a range of styles to suit different shoe types including sports shoes, they also come in a choice of materials to suit all circumstances and budget including carbon fibre for the ultimate in life long durability.
The traditional ‘plaster’ cast Orthotic is both messy and time consuming for the Patient and requires the Patient to be still and unmoving whilst the cast sets. With this latest technology there is no mess and the image is taken in seconds providing the utmost accuracy from which to make the custom item. Karen will then instruct the laboratory in the corrections needed to relieve your problem.
In addition to providing Orthotics for the long term relief of heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis) we use the latest Laser technology to provide short term relief from this painful condition. This treatment can be provided during the Biomechanical session.
Prices range from £50 for simple moulded items to around £200 for top of the range casted Carbon Orthotics. For the majority of Patients one pair is sufficient simply transfering them from one pair of shoes to another. Discounts are available on additional pairs ordered.
For an initial consultation telephone our Reception hotline on 01908 610503
                         All treatment assessments and advice carried out by:

HPC Registered Chiropodist/Podiatrist

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